Problems Caused by Ignoring Acura Air Conditioning Issues

The last way you want to find out your air conditioner doesn't work is while you are in need of it on a hot summer's day. Your car immediately turns into an oven. Most customers don't have the time or energy to do this repair on their own. The second issue is it can be a few different things and you don't want to waste your time or money.OIt can be one of many issues can prevent your vehicle's A/C system from blowing cold air. It can be a compressor, low refrigerant, compressor clutch,  blown compressor clutch fuse, etc. 

Air Conditioning Service in Port St. Lucie, Jupiter & Vero Beach at Coggin Acura of Ft. Pierce

So your in the Fort Pierce area and your in need of air condition repair service, and don't know who to trust? Bring it down to us today and get your free multi-point inspection for free along with your repair. we can handle the replacement of your Air Conditioning in no time. Don't take any chances with untrained mechanics, enjoy amenities at the dealership such as free coffee and donuts, TVs, free wifi, service financing options while your here.


Acura ILX TLX  RDX RDX Air Conditioning Repair

Whether you're driving a new or used Acura ILX, Acura TLX , Acura RDX, or Acura RDX, your Acura car, or SUV might need Air Conditioning Repair. That's why it's important to choose your neighborhood Acura dealer for all of your Air Conditioning Repair needs.


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The DIY route seems alluring sometimes because most auto parts stores sell do-it-yourself A/C recharging kits. However there are many dangers in trying to do things yourself in the AC process. Small mistakes like  connecting to the LOW PRESSURE service port, not the HIGH PRESSURE port which could cause the can of refrigerant to explode! Why go thru the hassle, let our OEM trained technician take care of all your service needs.